This Wonderful Grandmother Needs Our Help!

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This Wonderful Grandmother Needs Our Help!

This is the compelling story of Bolanyle Edwards and her sacrifice to raise her three young grandchildren ages 2, 7, and 8. Bolanyle Edwards is raising three young children all by her self. Could you imagine being retired, but forced back to work, raising young children, all by yourself, in the midst of a global pandemic!? Please help us! WE are helping Bolanyle With the holidays this year, ensuring her three grandchildren have all the food and gifts they so vitally need. We need your support. WE CAN NOT DO THIS WITHOUT YOU. Bola is also in need of permenant housing. if you have any resources please contact us.

We Really Need Your Help! Donate Now! Would you like to send the Children a Holiday Gift? We’ve Added their items to our wishlist.

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