Learn All About “The Donovans Venom 501(c)(3)”

Arts & Humanities Charity Organization, MUSIC, LOVE, & LIGHT

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Learn All About “The Donovans Venom 501(c)(3)”

You can Learn all about us Below. Also Feel Free to check out our GOFUNDME where you can be as generous as you’d like 🙂

Learn all About The Donovan’s Venom Here.


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  1. Danish says:

    Hi Salam,
    Sir/madam I’m from Pakistan Karachi I really need 2 lacks rupees because of my sister wedding. I really appreciate your support.

  2. Toure Lacine says:

    Hello sir thé président of charity,

    Thank you for accepting our invitation on the Linkedin network. I hope you are well.

    We are from the Ivory Coast in West Africa and we are looking for people of good will or kindly put us in touch with some of National & International Aid Organizations, humanitarian charitie, foundations… to help us equip our new rural health center (dispensary & maternity) with essential medical materials : hospital beds… and essential drugs to save the sick of our health center, especially women after childbirth.

    We are a central village to which 10 surrounding villages depend. We register an average of 20 to 25 deliveries per week. There is only one delivery bed, after childbirth, women sit on mats on the floor to receive very precarious first aid.

    We also have dozens of men and women suffering from hernias due to hard work in the fields or otherwise. Please help us to have them operated on for their hernias by specialists in this field here. Your donation will be welcome no matter how small to save at least one person in distress. We want all these aids in kind and not in cash througth your embassy here in Abidjan. The list of our needs is available.

    With the hope that this cry of distress from deep Africa will hold your particular attention, please accept, sir, the assurance of our most distinguished sentiments.

    Best regards.
    M. Toure Lacine in Odienne in North of Ivory Coast West Africa. 02 Bp 903 Abidjan 02 / + 225 05149736 tourelacine1960@yahoo.fr

  3. [20/11 16:17] Dawidybossolo@gmail.com: Good day’ Jessy

    Name: David Alban Surname: Bossolo Ondeze …. Addresse N” 4 retreat road” in 5 Avenue, I’m in Retreat” Between BP Garage & Caltex garage On Retreat road ” Cape town Western Cape” Thank You Very much?
    [20/11 16:17] Dawidybossolo@gmail.com: Hie there
    I’m Having a Very difficult situations_ here with my family

    I have a 10months old baby and a 10yrs old boy and my wife she, s not working me too I’m not working at moment we are suffering

    And our landlord is treating to throws us by next week if I don’t pay the rent money

    We don’t have food any grocery, nothing nothing I really don’t not what to do

    Thank you
    I’m asking for Help Help I’m crying please!
    078 4747131

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