Free Music Lessons For Senior Citizens

Free Music Lessons For Senior Citizens

Free Music Lessons For Senior Citizens
Free Music Lessons For Senior Citizens, Apply here

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  1. Peculiar says:

    please how can I be a part of the free music lessons please I really want to be a part of it

  2. Rama joshi says:

    is this a piano class also.if it is then it is goinig to start and this is online class.if my daughter can join this class and which date is going to start.

    • Hello there Rama! How is everything going with you! We do have piano classes in addition to music education… This is virtual. I would love to learn more about you and your daughter! Where are you located? 🙂 We have an application feel free to fill it out! 🙂

  3. Sue Smith Airey says:

    I very much want to learn to play the piano. I’m not sure what your lessons actually involve but am interested in general music lessons too. I’m a pensioner, I have sung in choirs but have no formal musical training at all except that I learned to play the recorder at primary school.
    I look forward to hearing about what you offer.

    • Hey there Sue! it is so nice to hear from you! I would absolutely love to teach you! we focus on both music education and Piano depending on the students and their access to insturments. Did you get a chance to view our application? Take a look, fill it out, and lets get started! so excited!

  4. Sakshi Baoker says:

    I never got a training but I’m very passionate about music and want to learn how to sing. I’m 19 years old. Can I begin now?

  5. Hi there, my name is Anne and I am 68, I have wanted a piano since I was a little girl and would love to play Christmas carols with everyone standing round the piano like they did in the ‘olden’ days. I have been looking at the digital pianos, but know so little about each instrument I don’t know which would be best to buy, it would have to be secondhand anyway as I can’t afford a new one. What do you think? Which would be the best for a learner. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

    • What a wonderful message Anne! Thank you so much for reaching out. I would love to give you a call and help you walk through things! Christmas Carols are wonderful aren’t they! I have been practicing preparing for the “Holiday Spectacular” we are hosting December 4, 2020. There are a few options for Keyboards/electric pianos all depending on your budget. anything Yamaha will be a great buy. Look at your local pawn shops and also good will and eBay. it is important to buy a keyboard with 88 KEYS! Where are you located currently?

  6. Hey there Joy, how are things going with you? Where are you located? Have you had the chance to fill out an application with us?

  7. roshni kara says:

    hey! there i am 15 and searching online classes of flute can I get it here

    • Hey there Roshni, I don’t teach the Flute, but I do teach music theory. I can give you lessons to help you improve your sight reading, understand keys, clefs, and other music essentials.

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