Who is The Donovan?

Who is The Donovan?

The Donovan is a humble, dedicated, and ambitious servant of the arts. Being musically inclined at a very young age, The Donovan has always been fascinated with performing
and displaying creativity.

The Donovan is hardly your stereotypical, classical, musician. With an
avant-garde style and an appreciation for all musical genres no- one,
traditional definition is sufficient and or accurate enough to describe this
idiosyncratic artist.

As a dedicated soul to the performing arts, The Donovan founded the
nonprofit organization, “The Donovan’s Venom,” to take music, art, and
entertainment to those who truly need it the most. hoping to heal and help
those in need.

“I lost my one-true best friend, DAQUAN SMYTHE. I will miss him! until I am no longer, and thereafter, I will miss him. After his passing, I was depressed; Very badly! For nearly three years! I had to figure something out! This organization was it! Music healed me, as I know it would heal others. It is what he would have wanted. He watches over me.

In loving memory of, DaQuan Smythe.

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